Artist Bio #3: Kyrstin Avello

is an illustrator in Chicago, IL. She enjoys video games, comics, and compulsively buying sketchbooks. Sometimes she even draws in said sketchbooks.


Be sure to check out the awesome zine project, Splendidly Evil! So many rad artists, and come on. It’s Powerpuff Girls, need I say more?



No one is more excited about Batgirl’s new costume than Kara.

Original available here
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The Batgirl Design Process




The new Batgirl design has been often credited to Cameron Stewart OR Babs Tarr but rarely to the both of them. The design process was in fact a collaboration with both artists contributing to the final design.

Cameron: When DC first approached me about taking over Batgirl as…

Check out how Cameron and I collab’d on Babs’ new look!!! 


No reason.  Just wanted to unwind.

The Japanese trailer for Big Hero 6 was available as of yesterday, and after watching it I couldn’t help draw these two. It has a lot more emotional resonance than the US version - and I say that despite me having no idea what any of the dialogue was, the visuals are that great.

That said, it’s also spoiler-y I suppose, as a heads up.

The US version can be found here. It tends to lay on the comedy more, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh at “We jumped out a window!” or “Hairy baby!” (x)

Welp. I’ve officially been bitten by the BH6 bug. Hurry on up, November. (x)


Gosh, I just love mermaids…


"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."


Storyboard to Final Version of the movie

the party is over | big summer blow out | attack on elsa’s castle


Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, and P:R Pal Babs Tarr are taking over Batgirl with issue #35. This is the BEST. 

More info here!

Quick doodle this morning for yesterday’s sketch dailies theme: Wonder Woman! (x)

On Sketchbooks


I got into a conversation with someone on Twitter about Sketchbooks and how to work in them.


Personally I’ve got a long and fraught history with Sketchbooks and like many difficult relationships in my life, it took years to finally get to a place where the Sketchbook and I could be…



I do not think that word means what you think it means.

if you don’t think wonder woman is feminist I’m not sure you know very much about wonder woman

(re: this for anyone confused)


Duet - Glen Keane, 2014